Project of the Month: The Peterman Family

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13138-taconite-ct-7One of our favorite parts of our design process at Finished Basement Company is how well we get to know each family that we design a space for. Our designers work closely with each family to make sure that their designed space perfectly fits their individual needs. One of our recent projects, a basement with the Peterman family, provided designer Jean Smith an opportunity to learn about and develop a relationship with this wonderful family.

Jean Smith recalls her experience working with the family, “The Peterman’s were truly a joy to work with! Brad and Kelli came with great design ideas and inspiration every step of the way beginning in our initial design stage. They wanted to incorporate rustic elements and materials that would bring their unfinished space to life for entertaining and daily family use. We worked collaboratively on all of the design details from light fixtures to selecting the specific barn wood planks. Their positive energy and thoughtful design ideas made the design process through construction an exciting experience. The finished project is truly a showcase of the Peterman’s eclectic style inspired by a cabin in Brainerd, along with unique features we designed by working together. I am so pleased with the way the space turned out!”

Where did your initial design inspiration come from? (i.e. Pinterest, Houzz, home walkthrough, FBC website, etc.)13138-taconite-ct-10
Our design inspiration came from a cabin we rented in Brainerd, MN this past year.
How did your designer(s) collaborate with you to create the final designs?
We went to the FBC office after meeting with the initial designer in our home. We looked at samples and took the best of a few designs they proposed, and then combined them to come up with our final design – fun process!
What was your favorite part of the design-build process and why?
Meeting with the design team, coming up with ideas and also picking out materials

Prior to t13138-taconite-ct-2he project, what were some of your biggest concerns, and how did your project team help address them?
Having elements done in the basement that we, or they, have not seen or done before. They had contractors come out and explain to us how the process would work for each piece.

How did your project manager address any issues or set-backs during the construction process?
Anytime we fell behind schedule or had issues, he would get involved to get us back on schedule or solve the issues we had.

What is your family’s favorite element of your newly finished space?
Bookshelf doors and heated concrete counter tops.
How do you use your finished space? (i.e. day to day, entertaining, kids parties, crafting, etc.)
Sunday sports, movie nights, and get-togethers with friends.

PS: everyone has been “wowed” by our basement … we’ve even had friends make lists of what they wanted to incorporate into their basements, and others saying “I would live down here, if this were my basement!!”

We cannot thank you enough, Jean, for your hard work, you were so personable and easy to work with – as was the rest of FBC.

The design process and quality relationship that our designers develop with their clients makes becoming our BFF (Basement Friend Forever), an amazing and rewarding experience.

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