Our Basements are a Work of Art

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Cherry Creek for WebIf you have ever been to an Art show you probably have an understanding of the kind of booths that are there. There are photographers, painters, jewelry makers and artists of every kind. You probably do not expect to see a Finished Basement Company booth there. Why would a basement remodeling company be in an art festival?

An art festival is a place for artists to sell and share their work with the world. Finished Basement Company participates in art shows for the same rea
sons as all of the other artists. We wanted to share our images and creative designs. Our designers truly are artists and their medium just happens to be in the form of creating the most amazing and innovative basements available.

As you enter the Finished Basement Company Booth, you are not just looking at remodeling photos, you are looking at a level of design and creativity that you will find nowhere else. Our designers bring to life amazing features from top to bottom. If you look closely at every photo displayed, you can see arCherry Creek MSP Webtistry in every square foot of all the spaces we create. Our designers are encouraged to push boundaries, be innovative and put something special into every design. Each space and each client creates a new artistic challenge for our designers to use their talents to combine the client’s vision into an amazing design.

Artists inspire one another, and FBC’s designers have used art as their muse. A beautiful handmade rug inspired one of our designers to create a uniquely exquisite ceiling detail. The ceiling detail is one of the most creative pieces of work FBC has ever done. Our designers, just like painters or photographers, use their tools to evoke emotionIMG_9082 Web and create a beautiful masterpiece. Our finished product might not be on paper, but it is a piece of art our customers can live in and create memories with.

To see more of the amazing designs done by the artists at Finished Basement Company, visit finishedbasement.com/portfolio/all-finished-basements/


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