Brittany is a designer, a wife, a cat lover, and a dog addict! She easily finds the joys in life and embraces them. She loves listening to each client to learn what joys they find in life and coming up with designs that will help them embrace those moments at home. She believes good design is all about the experience within the space. When your home is your retreat, it should make you feel that way. From the architecture on the walls and ceilings, down to the “cush” of the floor or the ambiance of the lights. Brittany has specialized in our “historic home” remodel projects and enjoys the challenges each new project brings to the table, whether the home was built in this century or the last.

Brittany has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Art Institutes International. Brittany joined the Finished Basement Company as an intern and has grown with the company for over 10 years.