Enjoying Your Basement Can Be An Olympic Event!

As the summer swelter is in its prime this year, we have a great excuse to enjoy the cool air of our basements and spend some time with friends. This summer seems even more appropriate to use your basement’s theater room – watching the world’s best athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics! Every four years we watch in awe of these talented individuals and if you’re anything like us, we eat – a lot.  The athletes will run, jump and dive. I will cheer them on with a plate full of stuffed jalapeños and an ice cold Caipirinha.

The best part of hosting viewing parties is always the food, right? A Super Bowl party spread can be predictable – wings, pizza, something covered in bacon and beer. An Olympics viewing party presents the opportunity to be a little more creative! Athletes will come from all different countries to play sports of all types. Use those themes and cultures for inspiration when you’re creating the menu. Choose thematic appetizers and cocktails, head down to the basement and have fun! Check out some ideas below that are my tried and true favorites.


You can see the pepper on the left is green, smooth and glossy while the older pepper is red, less glossy and has white lines, meaning it’s likely pretty hot!

High Jumpin’ Jalapeños (Stuffed Jalapeños) Recipe from Foodie Crush
When you choHigh Jumping Jalapenosose your jalapeños, determine how hot you want them to be. When these delicious peppers get older, they get spicier and develop little white lines. Use this as a guide to help pick your peppers and prepare your guests accordingly.

Olympic Rings (Fried Onion rings) Recipe from Rachel Ray
Onion RingsDo you always tear up while you’re cutting your onions? Try this trick! Peel your onion, wash it under cool running water, cut the root-end off first and continue to cut the rest of the onion. If you have a stainless steel sink, you can rub your hands on the sides to get rid of the smell of onion from your hands. My favorite dip for these Olympic Rings is a combination of ketchup, curry seasoning, and some mayonnaise – quick, easy and delicious!

Cycle-Pirinha Cocktail (Caipirinha cocktail) Recipe by Food Network
This is THE drink of Rio de Janeiro! Enjoy this refreshing, sweet and summery cocktail while you watch your favorite high-speed cycle race! I prefer this cockCocktailtail with crushed ice, and the Cachaça (distilled sugarcane juice made in the heart of Brazil) is a must. White rum is a good substitute if you don’t have access to Cachaça.

Vaulting Veggies (Veggies and Dip)
This appetizer is really all about the presentation. Fill small cups halfway with veggie dip and cut the veggies tall and thin like a pole vault! I prefer toVaulting Vegies use veggies that lend themselves to this shape already like carrots, celery and bell peppers. The cups make it easy to grab quickly and not get dip on the other goodies!

Triple Jump Trifle (Three-Layer Trifle) Recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything
This desTriple Jump Trufflesert will get bonus points if you can match it to a country’s flag! This recipe is a great representation of the American flag. Try using another combination of fruit to represent the country of your choice.
Warning: this makes a LOT of trifle, but it’s very delicious!

From appetizers and a specialty cocktail to a patriotic dessert, there are plenty of options to get started on your 2016 Summer Olympics spread! Kick back in your basement, enjoy snacking and watch the
world’s best athletes go for gold!

Are you hosting an Olympics themed party this year? Do you have any favorite recipes? Comment and share your unique ideas!

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