Project of the Month: Crosby Family

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This beautifully remodeled space flawlessly serves the homeowners with an open, flexible layout for both day to day use and entertaining. The mix of industrial modern fixtures, nautical and classic materials was selected for a unique look and feel throughout the space. Finished Basement Company integrated a unique mix of materials such as drystack ledgestone, ship lap, reclaimed wood beams, concrete counter tops & white washed oak floors. The space was designed to be flexible for kids gaming, overnight guests, entertaining and family movie nights. Designers worked very closely with the family throughout the process. Amy and Craig Crosby were a great team to work with throughout the design and construction phases!138thSt-Basement-home-theater

Where did your initial design inspiration come from?
I scoured websites like Pinterest, FBC and Houzz and also looked through countless magazines to spark ideas and get the creative juices flowing. My main source of inspiration came from walking through homes. I went through several Parade homes and home tours as well as friends who have new homes or remodeling projects going on. I also love getting ideas from seeing homes in other parts of the country. I had a lot of ideas I wanted to incorporate, but they all could be conflicting in design, so that was a challenge.

How did your designer(s) collaborate with you to create the final designs?
One of the main reasons we chose to work with FBC was because of our first meeting with our designer. As soon as we explained some of our ideas involving completely changing the spaces and adding specific design elements, Lyndsay knew exactly what we were talking about. She was dialed in on the latest design trends, yet also understood the structural elements and challenges. This was key—I wanted to work with someone who would enhance my design ideas and I got that experience almost immediately with Lyndsay. When you work with someone who understands you, the time you spend on the project is so much more productive.
What was your favorite part of the design-build process and why?
I really loved narrowing down the big picture design into the details of each space. I loved throwing ideas out there and discussing how and where they could work. It was an open-ended experience. This is rare in the construction field. Some of my favorite memories are when we would stumble on unforeseen design hurdles and work together to solve them. I love the creativity in that and the ideas that FBC would come up with as well as the fact that they were open to my ideas and would try to build upon them.

Prior to the project, what were some of your biggest concerns, and how did your project team help address them?
My husband was adamant about removing a bedroom to create more open and daily usable space in the basement. Because we often have guests and want them to have their own space, I was not as on board with this idea. We compromised by creating a Murphy bed wall that functions as a “gaming” room for the kids when we don’t have guests. It was an ideal design for the space and although we gave up storage area for it, we are much more interested in usable space than storage. The design team reassured me that a Murphy bed was a real option that they had done many times and could make it look lovely. This meant I didn’t have anxiety about eliminating the bedroom from our floor plan.
How did your project manager address any issues or set-backs during the construction process?
Our project moved along very quickly and ahead of schedule, however, as most projects do, we had one major setback in our construction process. One evening we walked downstairs to check on the status of everything and my husband and I walked into several inches of water on the newly laid hardwood floor. Due to an issue with our water softener drain clogging, we had a mess on our hands. I texted our project manager and he called me immediately (it was after 10pm). We made a plan for him to come out early the next morning with the appropriate peop138thSt-Basement-wall-walk-outle to address the problem. That morning everyone arrived early, figured out the cause of the problem, quickly made a plan for moving forward, which involved replacing the hardwood floor, and by the end of the day we were back on schedule and still ahead of our initial time line. Clearly, FBC had worked in extra days into the initial calendar for unforeseen delays, but these were headaches that I would’ve had to manage myself and I was very appreciative that I did not have to argue with
various vendors about what happened, how it happened or why it happened. They took care of it and kept me on the timeline I was expecting.

What is your family’s favorite element of your newly finished space?
My favorite elements are all about the details! I love where and how we incorporated the navy color. Shiplap was big for me—I wanted to put it everywhere, but because I really wasn’t going with a nautical theme, I had to be choosey about it. I love where it landed—particularly the “surprise” when you open the Murphy bed. My 138thSt-Basement-great-room-sofaabsolute favorite design piece is the concrete counter. I really waffled on this wondering if the expense was worth the design. There was no question. It is like a piece of art. Everyone comments on it and it always looks good. Unlike most counter tops, it hardly needs to even be wiped down to look sharp. The inlaid cabinetry design is a detail that I really love, but that probably isn’t noticeable to others. It’s something I appreciate every time I’m in the space. My husband loves the large open spaces. He always wanted a pub feel to the bar and he had a strong influence on the TV’s…the men definitely enjoy being able to have various sporting events on at one time. The boys (10 & 8) love hiding away in their gaming area, while their older sister (13) is watching a movie with her friends. Aside from the concrete bar top, visitors always comment on the beautiful lighting. It always makes me think of Lyndsay saying, “The lights are the jewelry.” She’s right!

How do you use your finished space?
We have entertained in the bar area countless times—between the kids’ various team parties and neighborhood get-togethers, we are thrilled to share the space and enjoy it. On cold winter nights, we have spent a few hours streaming the latest Netflix series or family movie. And despite the fact that we built a space for a pool table, the kids seem to think it is much better used for knee hockey, nerf gun fights or an occasional dance party (adults included). So, no pool table needed…yet. We have had out of town family stay with us and enjoy the guest space, but the kids also use that space frequently for some serious Madden Xbox gaming. And we now have the best shower in the house in the basement, so that gets a lot of use too. It is cliché to say that we love it all, but one of our main priorities was to add square footage to our home that we would use and we have accomplished it.

Thanks again for doing this, we appreciate it!
You’re welcome! It’s fun to reflect on this a little bit. I wanted to add that another piece that was nice on my end was how great you guys all were with my kids. Builders can be rude and in a hurry (particularly trades), but on my end I didn’t see that. From the design piece to the last walk.through everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the kids and have a fun attitude towards the kids. This wasn’t really important to me (why would it be?!) but as it turned out, it made the experience much easier. The kids were probably not supposed to be in the construction space, but we all know that is unrealistic. Kids are curious! The trades were always careful and helped the kids understand why they couldn’t do certain things (i.e. run like crazy people around the space), but they took the time to explain things, help the kids understand the process, etc. In hindsight, this was quite a perk! I also seem to remember that at the start of the project it was mentioned that I wouldn’t need to talk to the trades. As you guys know, that’s not my style and you rolled with me on that. So thank you! I appreciate all you did and therefore have paid you in full. HA! Hope you are all well and busy with great projects!

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