Who is Finished Basement Company?

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The Finished Basement Company is a design/build firm that has been specializing in designing and building great basements for almost 20 years. With design/build being a unique niche in today’s construction and remodel business – it is important to address what sets us apart as a company and as a culture. As an organization we have a stated goal to revolutionize the design/build industry; from our skilled team of designers and project managers that love creating beautiful spaces to the joyous smiles on the homeowner’s faces when theybasement home theater with workout gym see the end results. So how exactly are we revolutionizing the industry? Well we can’t wait to share:

Our Commitment:
The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines commitment as the promise to do or give something. Well this is exactly what we stand for. With every homeowner we are committed to positively impacting the lives of those we encounter. Whether that is finishing out a homeowners basement so that they have more space to entertain and spend time with the ones that they love; or, adding in an extra special surprise into the homeowner’s design that really personalizes their space – because really, no two projects are alike.basement home theater bookcase

Our Credo:
When it comes to producing and completing complex projects such as the ones that we manage on a daily basis – it truly does take a “well-oiled machine”. As the complexity of our work evolves, we too have been able to grow and learn. With so many years of experience in the industry under our belts we have developed design solutions for nearly every possibility. At the heart of these lessons is the importance of great communication with our homeowners. We stand by our word and will provide complete communication, embrace and believe in every step of the process and will be unstoppable in making sure that your home is just right for you.

Our Culture:
At Finished Basement Company we truly have a unique culture that we would love to show you. As you move through the stages of our design/build process towards becoming one of our “BFFs” (Basement Friends Forever), you will get to experience this culture first hand. Through each phase you can count on us to produce the promised results, be honest and straightforward, and shine. We will care deeply about you and your project because we understand that this is not only a big investment for our homeowners, but it will also be a special space that they will use forever.
Design truly impacts how you live and how you spend your treasured time. At Finished Basement Company, we are committed to making sure that impact is positive and unforgettable.

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