We take it to rock.

Our award-winning design staff will create a full set of architectural plans. We then submit these plans for permits. Once permits are in hand, your project is finished in less than 5 weeks…guaranteed! We do the framing, rough plumbing, heating and air conditioning, insulation, drywall and texture. We handle the electrical and HVAC all the way through rough final inspection. You take the project from there!

You make it roll!

With the amazing design and architectural features of your project complete, you are ready to install the finishes, cabinets and flooring. At your own pace, you control the timing of the balance of the work allowing you to manage your expenses and take your time in picking exactly the right finishes.

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iStock_000000884506SmallWe Meet With You

A Finished Basement Company designer will meet with you at your home. We will discuss the project by asking the right questions which only come from years of experience. Your designer will not simply ask what you want in the space but also understand how you will use the space now and into the future. Only then can we begin to offer design solutions. Once we have a full understanding of the project we will then measure and thereafter, create as-builts of the space.


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as-builtArchitectural Plans

Through the course of our design meeting(s) we will create the perfect space for you and your family. The design meetings are very interactive, we will walk you through your space in life like 3D renderings exploring all the possible options with you. Once we have landed upon the perfect space and budget that works for you we will then collect a start date deposit and move into the pre-construction stage of your project.


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iStock_000008373764XSmall-1Project Preparation

The next time we meet will be at a Preconstruction Meeting. At our Preconstruction Meeting we will confirm all the details of your project. Your project team will provide you with a construction schedule and will coordinate the efforts of all of our licensed and insured tradepartners.


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iStock_000002025900SmallConstruction Begins

We’re off to a smooth start. Because we have determined the design details, the architectural details of your project will quickly fall into place. You will quickly witness the framing, mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, and electrical being installed and see the framework of your dream space.


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iStock_000004642345SmallInspections Passed

Your project team meets with all municipal inspectors. After we have passed all inspections we will insulate the walls and hang, tape and texture the drywall. This is a big week as we are almost complete with your project–often times, less than 30 days after the start of framing.


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Electrician Connecting WiresFinal Electrical & HVAC

After completing drywall, we will finish final electrical, including installing all outlets, switches, and recessed cans, we will also complete all HVAC work and pass final inspections on these two items.


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Couple painting home.Project Complete!

After finalizing all of the electrical and HVAC work, we turn the space back over to you! With the architectural detail that your project team has provided to you, you are ready to paint, install the fixtures, cabinets and flooring. You can do this at your leisure and enjoy the space for years to come!


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