Project of the Month: The Michael’s Family

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When you choose Finished Basement Company to design and build your new space, we help bring the ideas out of your imagination and into your basement. Our designers have a talent for adding that something special to each and every design.  basement wet bar wood countertopThe success of the Finished Basement process is clearly shown as we take a look at the experiences of the Michael’s family.

Where did your initial design inspiration come from? (i.e. Pinterest, Houzz, home walk through, FBC website, etc.)

We had been planning this project for years and it had gone thru many changes. We had picked out pictures (online- Google, Pinterest, Houzz, any and all rustic websites that we could find) of items that we wanted in the basement, but did not have a cohesive design that could bring all of our elements together.

How did your designer(s) collaborate with you to create the final designs?basement bathroom vanity

Our designer had a daunting task to bring all of our pieces together into a design that met our needs and looked like we wanted it to. He also had to FIND vendors and artisans that could do the work and make it look how we wanted it to.

What was your favorite part of the design-build process and why?

Our favorite part of the design process, was the seeing and tweaking the computer renderings. We also enjoyed the day we went and picked out all of our fixtures, floors, etc….it was a fun way to “shop”!

Prior to the project, what were some of your biggest concerns, and how did your project team help address them

My biggest concern was the contractor part, the construction. I had visions of folks not showing up, being disrespectful of our house, and having to micro-manage the manager. What actually happened could not have been better. I had an excellent construction project manager that knew the schedule and kept me well informed. He was available for all questions and concerns and quickly handledbasement great room theater bar any changes or problems that arose. The contractors that FBC employed are quality. They were prompt, clean, and easy to deal with.

How did your project manager address any issues or set-backs during the construction process?

There are always problems with any project, and I really felt that as the problems arose, or I had concerns, they were always heard and dealt with as quick as could be expected. I had all of the managers reach numbers and could contact them and get a response quickly. I loved my project managers, they were efficient, fun, and delivered a product that I have been enjoying everyday!

What is your family’basement bar wood tops favorite element of your newly finished space?

THE BAR! Every crazy idea we had, they figured out a way to make it happen. We love entertaining there, it is a comfortable place, with lots of space to sit and enjoy some adult beverages. Matt put a lot of work into designing the space, and then searched for our bar top, but it is so worth it! The under bar lighting is so fun and the copper ceiling has gotten rave reviews from our friends! Thanks again to FBC for taking all are ideas, and making them a reality–you guys rock!

Even though some of their ideas seemed a little out their, with the help of our amazing design team, the Michael’s made their dream a reality.

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