• Basement Great Room Sofa
  • Basement TV Wall and Fireplace
  • Basement Entry Stairs
  • Basement Pendant Lighting
  • Basment Game Room
  • Basement Circle Wall Niche
  • Basement Sofa Contemporary
  • Basement Wall Niches
  • Basement Home Theater
  • Basement Home Theater TV Wall
  • Basement Bedroom
  • Basement Bathroom

Colorful and Contemporary

Unique architectural elements and bright accent color add pop to this contemporary basement. The centerpiece is the basement great room, with its circular design theme. The TV wall and fireplace bench bring soft curves into the space, while the wall niches and circle cut outs mimic the ceiling detail. White walls with a pop of bright yellow adds a very mod feel to the space.

Square Footage: 1,000 sq.ft.
Price: $60,000-$85000
Style: Contemporary

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1 Review

  1. blessedtony@hotmail.com
    December 8, 2015

    I like it very much, I want it in my house


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